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In November 2018 our company had the honour to perform structural tests at the British Embassy in Vienna (AT). Single horizontal flat jack and in-place shear tests were performed on the masonry walls.

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Our company performed preliminary geophysical surveys for the engineering design of two railway spurs in the Republic of Cameroon: the Édéa-Kirbi-Campo (South) and the Douala-Limbé-Idenau (South-West) tracks, that will help to link the main cities of this Country. We characterized under both the geophysical and geotechnical aspect of the terrain on the designed track for…


Our company performed geophysical surveys for the engineering design of the Eshiem-Tarkwa railway spur of the Western Line Railroad, in the Republic of Ghana. In this framework we carried out several seismic superficial surveys (i.e. MASW, ESAC, ReMi, Seismic Refraction Tomography and HVSR). The in situ geophysical activity was performed between the 9th and 12th…

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