GEO Logica is a company specialized in applied Earth Sciences. It bases its activities on personal and professional assets and is committed to operating with rigorous ethical and professional principles.
GEO Logica provides services to enterprises and institutions worldwide in the various fields of applied earth sciences, and in particular supports the design and the construction of infrastructures by means of:
– surveys;
– geotechnical tests and geophysical prospecting;
– environmental studies.
Our work is based on a careful analysis and study of land evolution and environmental protection requirements; therefore we are driven by a strong spirit of initiative and we are able to keep up to technological innovations and suggestions coming from the most advanced researches in the field of Earth Sciences:
Continued dialogue, constant spur to high performances and merit assessment are the foundations of our philosophy.
Credibility and reliability are of the greatest importance for our company and being a reference point for our customers is a priviledge.