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Geological, geomorphological and hydrogeological studies and surveys are a significant part of the activities that GEO Logica uses to understand environment …


Seismic prevention in our territory is of crucial importance. GEO Logica provides a wide range of geophysical surveys, both on the surface and in borehole, with advanced instrumentation.

Geotechnical investigations

Geotechnical studies have always represented a fundamental phase in design. Our company intervenes in numerous aspects…


Geotechnical Laboratory

Geotechnical tests in the laboratory allow us to obtain parameters and physical-mechanical characteristics of soils and rocks, which represent necessary elements …


The analysis of the wall, foundation and support structures of a building is of fundamental importance in studies of stability and the state of …


The management of the environment and the territory represents an unavoidable priority, the widespread hydrogeological instability in our …


Basic support for land planning and management is represented by topographical studies. Topography studies the tools and …

Remote sensing

Remote sensing (or Remote-Sensing) allows obtaining qualitative and quantitative information on any area of the Earth’s surface. Generally the …


Photogrammetry is a survey technique that allows you to acquire metric data of an object, such as shape and position through the acquisition and analysis of pairs of frames

Drones (RPAS)

Remotely piloted systems (RPAS), both fixed-wing and multi-rotor, allow photographic surveys in the visible, thermal or multi-spectral

GIS and Cartography

The management and integration of territorial, topographic, landscape and geological data via GIS software allows you to create digital cartography …

The company

GEO Logica Srl is a structure in which the technical tools and experiences of various professionals come together. The different professional paths and the consolidated collaboration with figures linked to the professional and academic world allow us toadequately manage the different specialized sectors of applied earth sciences. In particular we deal with surveys, prospecting and investigations aimed at engineering works, aerial photogrammetric surveys, mineral research, structural tests.



  • Geognostic investigations and geological-technical surveys
  • Geotechnical and geophysical characterization of soils
  • Topographic and drone surveys

Environment & Territory

  • Analysis of geological and hydrogeological risk
  • Monitoring and measurement of environmental parameters
  • Search for aquifers

Cultural heritage

  • Geophysical surveys for archaeological research
  • Non-destructive tests on structures and masonries
  • Photogrammetry and aerial photogrammetry

Mining research

  • Geological and geophysical surveys for mining research
  • Planning and monitoring of quarries
  • Preliminary environmental studies

Work method


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