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Certifications, partnership and quality

Our company is a founding associate of the network SG Explora, is a member of the Association of Geophysical Company, operates according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 quality systems, and its technicians and professionals are certified RINA II level (civil sector) for non-destructive testing on structures.

The quality policy of GEO Logica S.n.c.


Our work is based on a careful analysis and study of land evolution and environmental protection requirements; therefore we are driven by a strong spirit of initiative and we are able to keep up to technological innovations and suggestions coming from the most advanced researches in the field of Earth Sciences.

We believe in the commitment of enterprises to behave ethically so as to help in improving the quality of life of the communities they serve.


The respect for customers is central to our activities. Their satisfaction and loyalty are the main indicators of the quality of our company.


Service quality is the key to reach excellent results, product of constant attention to technological innovation, professional development and care for the working environment.


The key to success of every company is the contribution given by the people who work in it. Our work environment encourages the growth of qualified professionals, able to operate in total independence and responsibility. Through experience and study, our professionals continuously enhance their skills. The process of their improvement is mainly based on the full participation in all stages of the process. The aim is to create a work environment in where serenity and efficiency coexist in a climate of fairness and mutual trust.


The solid and long lasting collaboration and partnership with other companies assures us reliable business relationship characterized by a constant reciprocity of intent, increasing the mutual operational capabilities.


Work safety is a basic value of our mission. We implement this principle by means of investment and with the continuous improvement of performance, in compliance with current legislation.


Our environmental expertise and attention to ethical principles are meant to serve the community. We support the responsible use of the environment and we believe in trust and personal responsibility in all kind of relationships. Our company is testimony of daily actions consistent with the principles of honesty, respect and responsibility, values shared by all members of our company.