GEO Logica deals with tests, surveys and monitoring of architectural heritage aimed at control and diagnostics. The analysis of a building structures (walls, foundations, etc.) is crucial in the assessment of its stability and structural deterioration.
Controls on buildings structures, performed with non-destructive and/or moderately destructive techniques, such as radar surveys, sonic and ultrasonic surveys, thermographic and endoscopic investigations, flat jacks, mechanical characterization tests, etc., are the basis for the knowledge of their conditions, for the designing and planning of their conservation and for the development of architectural and archaeological heritage.
We use high-tech tests and monitoring equipment and we give special care to their maintenance and certification as well as to the training and qualification of the personnel operating on site.
Our technicians are II level R.I.N.A. certified, in accordance with the ISO 9712 quality system.

Indagini Soniche e Ultrasoniche

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Martinetti Piatti



Prove sclerometriche

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Prove sui ferri delle armature

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Monitoraggio delle vibrazioni degli edifici e delle strutture civili